Fleadh Nua 2023 Programme

The Fleadh Down In Ennis

Edel Vaughan - Chapter 22

Temple Gate Hotel - Sat 3rd June @ 8pm

It is seven years since Edel Vaughan launched her first solo album, Spreagtha. Matching the quality and breadth of that wonderful recording was always going to be a challenge. Her second album, Chapter 22, is definitely as worthy as it is stunning, with songs, old and contemporary, dating from the late eighteenth century to a few short years ago with the songs, in Irish and English, all delivered beautifully by her distinctive, strong voice. It is wonderful that the album features a number of songs, written by her fellow Kilfenora Céilí Band member, Tim Collins. Her rendition of Tim’s song Clare My Heart, My Home is inspirational and has ensured that this song is now sung with pride by Clare people, far and wide. There are eleven tracks on this album, each one to be savoured for its lyrics and music. The more you listen to it, the better you will enjoy it.

Edel Vaughan - Chapter 22

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